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Behavior Training for Pets

Dogs can sometimes exhibit problematic behaviors. With behavior training from our veterinary team at Smith Animal Hospital, we can help pets and their owners live harmoniously. 

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Dog Behavior Training

Similar to people, our pets have personalities all their own! While every dog is unique, some of their behaviors might be problematic — or perhaps even dangerous to their health. 

That's where our teams at Smith Animal Hospital can help. Our behavioral therapist has extensive experience in behavior training for a wide range of dog and cat breeds and can offer advice on your specific needs. 

Behavior Training for Cats & Dogs, Houston County Vet

What to Expect During Behavior Training

Our teams at both of our locations in Houston County have extensive experience in behavior training with a range of breeds to help them and their owners live harmoniously. Whether it's a private session, day training or group class, our behavioral therapist can offer tips, advice and practical instruction that makes the difference. 

Behavior Training Rehabilitation Options

Once you and your pet have decided whether your pet needs behavior training, you'll need to consider which type of training or treatment will be the best fit. Training can take many forms, including:

  • Group class
  • Private sessions
  • Day Training

We would be happy to explain each of these options to you and help you determine which one your pet needs.

What are benefits of behavior training?

There are a number of potential benefits to behavior training for dogs. Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Correct bad habits or specific behavior problems

    Despite our best efforts, our dogs can develop bad habits, unwanted behaviors or behavior problems that need professional attention and correction.

    Behavior training can address potty issues, running out open doors, jumping up on or nipping people.

    Not only will these behaviors be addressed, you'll also learn how to redirect your pet's actions to more appropriate behavior.

  • Develop a stronger bond with your dog

    While part of behavior training focuses on addressing negative or unwanted behaviors in your dog, it will also help you build a solid, trusting relationship and afford opportunities for continued learning - for both you and your pet.

  • Help your dog feel fulfilled and confident.

    Confident, stimulated and fulfilled dogs are well-behaved dogs. Behavior training will help both of you feel more fulfilled - and your dog will enjoy showing off their new skills.

Contact us for answers to any training questions you may have.

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