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What To Do With Your Dog While You're On Vacation

What To Do With Your Dog While You're On Vacation

Wondering what to do with your dog when you travel? Our vets know the struggle and would like to offer some advice on what you can do with your pets so that you don't have any anxiety about leaving them.

There are a number of options you have when it comes to having a place to stay for your dog while you are on vacation if you are unable to take them with you. What is best for your dog will be specific to your situation and vary depending on how long you’re traveling (a week, a month), how much money you’re willing to spend, and how much you trust friends, family, and others to take care of your pup in the meantime.

Keep Them Home

Ask a Friend, Family Member, or Neighbor 

This is usually the cheapest option of them all, especially if your dog is familiar with their sitter. If you ask a neighbor or a friend who lives nearby, they can likely swing more frequently to feed, walk, and visit your pet compared to a hired professional.  A concern however, is that if your sitter may see it as more of a favor than a job, possibly resulting in less care and responsibility compared to someone who is being paid.

The bonus of this option (aside from being inexpensive) is that your dog will be in his element and will know where his food and water are, the layout of the land, and not have to worry about adjusting to a new surrounding. Considering an automatic water and food dispenser may simplify the process even more.

Hire a House Sitter

These sitters will stay in your house full time so your pet can get the same constant attention and care that they require while you're not there. This option will also allow your dog to have access to all of their usual surroundings, however, With them being at home, they will likely be on a constant lookout for you to return, which could lead to stress.

Since a house sitter lives in your house while you’re on vacation, you would need to be comfortable with them having full access to your entire house. If that isn't an issue, it is a rather easy process as you can just leave your keys and go.

Seeking Shelter Outside Your Home

Ask a Friend, Family Member, or Neighbor

Having someone you know watch your dog at their house is a choice that provides much more attention and care for your pet compared to having someone drop in at your house every once in a while. This would be especially ideal if your dog is familiar with the house he is staying at whether he has stayed there before, or even just gone over for a couple of visits here and there.

Your dog may not be as comfortable as he would be at home initially, but if their sitter is someone you and your pet know and trust, they should adjust relatively quickly. Whether or not your sitter has any other pets (and if so, whether or not your dog is familiar with them) should be taken into consideration when choosing someone to take care of  your furry friend.

Pet Hotel or Kennel

These types of professional services should have excellent level of knowledge and resources to take good care of your pet. There are plenty of these types facilities around however, you must also account for how your dog my interact with other animals that will be staying there.

Doing some research and checking reviews/references can help you decide if one of these facilities would be best suited for your pet (and if so, which one). Although your pet should be in good hands, They may not get their regular amount of activity that they would otherwise and may have to stay in a cage for longer than you would appreciate.

Vet or Animal Hospital

A lot of veterinarians work out of animal hospitals and have the facilities and resources to provide your pet the care they need via their own boarding service with around the clock care. This can be an ideal situation, especially if your pet has medical issues or if you’re concerned for their health care.

Here at , we do offer a boarding service providing a home away from home for pets in need of a place to stay while their owners travel. 

Does your dog need a place to stay? contact our Houston County vets today or learn more about our boarding services.

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